Inner and outer image congruence

When I was in college, I had hair like Rapunzel. Long, straight, and silky.

I loved my hair and I believed it was the most beautiful element in my appearance. Over the years, I got comfortable with cutting my hair and started donning a medium hair look.

In 2017, I had this deep desire to tonsure my hair and donate it at Tirupati. After a lot of contemplation, I decided to go bald. When I tonsured my head and on expected lines, had to face raised eyebrows.  How could you do it being an Image Consultant? It’s your brother’s wedding, you should’ve done it post the wedding, a woman looks great with long hair, so on and so forth. 

I didn’t cover my head post tonsuring. I felt great tonsuring my head. I had NEVER felt so confident in my life. It was liberating!! People around me and my clients saw the inner bliss radiating through my face. I have had compliments like “You look like a monk”.

It is not about your physical attributes. It’s about what you believe, about how you feel from within that is radiated on the outside.  Your inner image is critical to feeling good from the outside.  

Outer and Inner congruence

Whenever I’ve found myself in low spirits, I wear my favourite dress, apply some makeup, do up my hair, and Viola!! I am ready to grab the day. When you’re looking good, you feel good and that transcends your behaviour and spirits and you behave accordingly, which is productive. You forget about your health or anything else that might be bothering you.

Image is not just inside-out, it is outside-in too. The more you are closer to yourself and authentic you project a powerful and attractive image.  

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